Ministries for Adults

Without guidance from God’s Word and good Christian fellowship, we can never be the Christians that God desires. Our young people are very precious, but we also understand the importance of personal spiritual growth and reaching out to the adults in our church and community.


The adult Bible classes at Good News Baptist Church are designed to offer insight into God’s Word that will be applicable to all areas of life.  Our competent teachers use materials that are true to the Word of God. They carefully teach and apply the truths of God’s Word to the lives of the individuals in each class and the circumstances they face.
     Singles Class – Mr. Jon Hagberg, Pastor Nathaniel Brown
     Virtuous Women (Ladies) – Mrs. Renee Ascher
     Armor-Bearers (Men) – Mr. Mike Rock
     CORE Class (Couples with young children) – Pastor Mike Ascher
     Homebuilders (30s-40s) – Mr. Phil Withers
     Friendship Class (40s-55) – Rev. Earnest Everman
     Sunshine Class (55+) – Rev. Michael Walters

senior adult ministry

The Triple “L” Club (Living Longer and Loving it) is the name of our senior adult group.  It is a ministry involving those who are 55 years old and up.  Monthly activities are planned for our senior saints, including trips to historic sites, parks, museums, shopping, and annual autumn leaf color changing.  The individuals enjoy food, fun and fellowship together and build deep friendships with each other.

men's prayer breakfast

Our men meet each month on the morning of the first Saturday for a Men's Prayer Breakfast. Several of our faithful men serve a delicious breakfast, then all the men spend a sweet time of prayer together.

ladies fellowship

Our ladies meet once a month to provide a variety of activities for all ladies at GNBC. These activities provide opportunities for our ladies to get better acquainted and grow together. We also have several “Heart Sisters” groups that meet once a month and provide an opportunity for deeper fellowship and Bible study for our ladies.

military ministry

Our Military Ministry is designed to meet the need for fellowship and spiritual development of members and friends who serve in the Armed Forces. Social and spiritual activities are planned for active duty and retired service members.

library and bookstore

Our church library allows anyone to check out books, videos and audio resources for growth in their Christian life. The Good News Bookstore has Bibles, books, music, greeting cards and an assortment of other valuable tools for Christian living. The church library is open before and after Wednesday evening services and the book store is open before and after Sunday services.

hispanic ministry

Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas (Good News Baptist Church) is shepherded by Pastor Marvin Tobin. Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, Sunday afternoon Bible study, and Wednesday evening prayer service are held each week for the Spanish-speaking in our area.