What is Frontline Clubs?

Frontline Clubs is a Bible program for children from 4 years old through 6th grade. There are five different age groups and each group meets from 7:00-8:15 pm on Wednesday evenings. The goal of Frontline is to help children learn what the Bible says and how it ought to change the way they live. Each week, Bible lessons, daily journal work, Bible memorization, and even games and crafts reinforce Biblical truth.

What do we do each week?


Bible Lessons

The focal point of each club time is the Bible lesson. Teachers use exciting Bible stories and age-appropriate illustrations to teach Bible principles. Clubbers in each level learn the same basic principle each week, but through different Bible stories and materials.



At the beginning of the Frontline year, each child receives a Frontline journal. Throughout the week, clubbers work on five pages of daily journal lessons that reinforce the principle learned in the previous club meeting. Clubbers who consistently fill out their journals receive the Faithfulness Award.


Bible Memorization

Each week highlights a different Bible passage. An age-appropriate length of the passage is assigned to the clubbers in each class for memorization. For regularly memorizing the weekly passage, clubbers can earn the Bible Award.



Exciting games and activities are used to reinforce and illustrate the basic principles being taught in class. Game time for the middle age groups is a chance to learn principles of team work and following directions.



The younger clubbers complete fun weekly crafts as take-home reminders of their lessons. Sixth grade clubbers get involved by helping leaders prepare the crafts and providing direction to the children during craft time.

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For weekly attendance, Scripture memory, journal work, and service projects, clubbers earn Frontline coins and tickets. Every few weeks, clubbers have the chance to use their hard-earned coins and tickets to buy fun items in the Frontline store.

If you have any questions about Frontline Clubs, please get in touch. We hope your child will join us!